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For more information about our current courses offered see: Cairnmillar Course and Program Information.

We will be running a mixture of online and in-person information sessions for all of our courses throughout September 2021. Please see our website for more information and to register your attendance

For undergraduate level applications please apply through VTAC.

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You can apply for our PhD program and MPPP Advanced Entry at any time of the year.

Applications for all other 2023 Semester 1 for other postgraduate courses will open on 01 August

2022 and close on the 31 October 2022. Late applications are not accepted.

Please see individual course pages for further information on courses and entry criteria.

Applicants for the Bachelor of Psychology & Counselling must apply through VTAC for Semester 1 2023

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  4. If external references are required you will be reminded at the end of your application to submit them through the HODSPA psychology reference website.

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Step 5: Application review next steps

Your application will be reviewed and you will hear back via email with an outcome or next steps in due course. Please see FAQs on our website for timelines and course specific application stages.

You can check your application status on this portal at any time. See also: Application Status